Tyra Banks Just Launched A Her Own Skin Care Line And It’s A Must-Have

Tyra Banks

For years, Tyra Banks has been teaching us all how to smize and keep it high fashion. Now, finally, we are getting some tips on how to have beautiful flawless skin just like the supermodel. Tyra Beauty Skincare has officially launched and it’s a four-piece skincare regimen that she says she learned all from her mother. The kit comes with cleanser, serum, mask, and a microdermabrasion tool. All to make your skin look so damn good naked that it gets censored on Instagram. All I’ve got to say is: gimme.

Tyra tells us that her skincare obsession started early, and it definitely shows. Her mother taught her the importance of both cleansing and exfoliating her face — but not with her hands! It’s all about habits and not washing your face with “your dirty little hands.” If you use your hands, the dirt from your hands will just transfer to your face. Never just use your hands!

Luckily, Tyra’s kit comes with a built in beauty scrubber to help cleanse your pores. It’s important to remove the dead stuff in order to let the healthy stuff thrive. Tyra’s kit retails for $117 online but she kindly throws in some of her “Instant Gratification” mask for free, which she says are better than actual Instagram filters. Sounds great to me. Where can I throw my money?

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