U.S. Student Gets Trapped Inside German Vagina

Student In Vagina

College students are known for a lot of things — partying, binge-drinking, experimental drug use, maybe a little academia, and throwing themselves deep into the poontang. And you’ve got to believe that those students who are not exploring deep V travels are pretty curious about it. As many students who don’t have any luck with the lady(parts) in the U.S. do, one student decided to try his luck as he was studying abroad in Germany.

That European p**sy, man. I heard they make them bigger over there. Like you can just walk inside one, look around, tickle the clit, and then out-y. And our anonymous exchange student did just that. The name of the object of his affection? Chacán-Pi, a statue whose name means “Making Love,” sculpted by Fernando de la Jara. It now sits outside Tübingen University’s institute for microbiology and virology. Unfortunately, our student went in, but he couldn’t get out. I admire this Chacán-Pi, character. One night inside her, and you’re trapped. We could all learn a thing or two from that.

Chacan Pi

It took 22 firefighters to get the boy out of the statue, in what I’m sure was a very public, and very embarrassing display. To make matters worse, the poor exchange student can’t even say he tapped that first! Just 24 hours earlier, explorer Johann Westhauser got trapped inside the very same vagina!

Firefighters consider how to free the student from the vagina sculpture

The student waits to be rescued from the giant vagina sculpture

I can only hope the new Eskimo brothers become the very best of friends.

[via The Guardian]

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