Uber Is Finally Offering Free Rides To Drunk People

Free Rides

Canada: America’s little sister who will never be quite as cool, but everyone pretends to like her anyway. Where the police are called Mounties, and for some reason maple leaves and moose are like, super special. It’s a backward, strange land full of donuts and people asking, “Eh?” a lot. But for once, Canada, you’ve done it. You’ve done something that even America hadn’t thought of yet: Canadian Uber is offering free rides to drunk people.

The process is called Uber Safe, and starts with kiosks on the streets of Toronto that offer free breathalyzer tests. If you are past the legal limit for driving, it automatically hails you an Uber, which will take you home for free. It’s easy, it’s safe, and, unfortunately, it’s only in Canada for the time being.

Uber Canada spokeswoman, Susie Heath, released a statement to Buzzfeed saying, “We’ve been thrilled by the interest this has generated and we will continue to find ways to help people remember that ride-sharing is a responsible choice.”

There is no word about whether they plan to expand the Uber Safe program, but I’m praying that they’ll bring it to the better part of North America. And, although it pains me to say this, snaps to you, Canada, for taking care of your drunks. God knows if I lived in Canada I’d be drunk too.

[via Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan]

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