UFC Fighter/Female Badass Ronda Rousey Accepts Marine’s Invitation To Marine Corps Ball Because America


The cool new thing to do recently is to throw a “Hail Mary” and ask a celeb to some type of date function. Have a prom coming up? NBD, just tweet at Justin Beiber and see if he’s free. Have a wedding to go to for your bitch younger cousin (which you’re bitter about because she’s getting married before you)? Just ask Adam Levine if he has a nice suit laying around.

By and large, celebs either don’t respond to these types of invitations, or they give some lame excuse as to why they can’t go. Whenever you hear the term “scheduling conflict”, what you should really be hearing is “there is a very real possibility that you are a verifiable psycho and I don’t want you to murder me and make cookies out of my skin.”

Of course, the game changes when you are a member of the United States military, and a Marine, at that. Just ask Jarrod Haschert, who posted this video last week asking UFC fighter Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball in December.

The post went viral, and it didn’t take long for Rousey to hear about it. Initially, Rousey had a fight on the books with Holly Holm in January, and thus really would have a scheduling conflict due to training. As luck would have it, though, Rousey’s fight was rescheduled for mid-November.

When asked on how she would respond to Hashert’s invitation, Ronda surprised us all; “I would go, for sure. But like do I call him? Or do I set up a time and place like ‘Never Been Kissed’ and have him wait until the clock runs out and be like ‘I’m here!’”

‘Atta boy Haschert. You got yourself a date with one of the few women that could probably give you some competition in a fight. Not only that, but she thinks you’re cute too. Rousey does have one caveat for you; “He’s gotta be a gentleman, though, I’m not a first date kind of girl. But, I dunno, we’ll see when I meet him.”

Props to Ronda Rousey for being an awesome sport and accepting the invitation to what I can only imagine will be an awesome night. And as always, thank you to Jarrod Haschert for his continued service to our great country. I hope you two have great time in December.

Semper fi, Marine.

[via TMZ]

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