Ultimate Cool Mom Went On A Surprise Visit To See Her Daughter, Wound Up In A Stranger’s Bed


A surprise visit from your mom when you’re living in the dorms isn’t always the best thing. A planned visit, sure. During a planned visit from mom, you can make sure that the dirty condoms your roommate likes to leave halfway into the trash are cleaned out, and that the sticky shot glasses and half empty bottles of vodka are stashed. You can do laundry for the first time in six weeks the day before she comes, so everything will look clean (including the sheets you’ve been meaning to wash the past three times you had sex on top of them).

During a surprise visit, though, shit has the potential to really go wrong. You could get a call from mom at nine in the morning asking where you are, because she’s in your dorm room, while you’re hungover and confused under the arm of some snoring guy two miles from your building. Not ideal. Being in any bed besides your own when your mom shows up for a visit is not great, to say the least, unless your mom is this mom, and then you just might have to worry about the reverse.

The mother of freshman student McKenna Pilling, who goes to Utah State University, wound up in the wrong dorm room, and bed, when she came to McKenna’s school as a surprise to help her move out of her dorm. Apparently, Momma Pilling walked into what she thought was her daughter’s dorm room and laid down on the bed before snapping a picture to her daughter asking where she was. As it turns out, her daughter was where she was supposed to be, in her own dorm room, and her mother was lying on top of a stranger’s bed in what has to be the ultimate “cool mom” moment. Like, mom, I think I’m supposed to be the one lying on strangers’ beds. Not you.

Luckily, no one was in the dorm room that Momma Pilling hung out in for a while, so no harm, no foul. Although I do have to wonder about the sheets she was lying on. Hopefully whoever they belong to had a planned visit from mom coming up so they were nice and clean. Happy late Mother’s Day, Momma Pilling, and here’s hoping you didn’t pick up any venereal diseases from a stranger’s bed during your visit, you party animal.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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