UNC-Chapel Hill Greeks Reportedly Taking “Fake Classes” To Boost Grades, Everyone On Earth Loses Mind


Reports have been going around all week that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had offered “paper classes” to its students, and it’s stirring up quite the ruckus. The courses had no meeting time and little coursework, requiring only a 10-page paper from students enrolled. Completing the paper generally resulted in an A or an A-. The courses were, apparently, created to serve as grade boosters for student athletes, but having been around since 1993, word got out and other students registered for the classes–a large number of them being Greeks.


Buzzwords like “cheating scandal” and “fake classes” are appearing in headlines all over, and, of course, the blame is being placed on 729 members of fraternities and sororities who DARED to participate in these classes.

You know what I think about it all? That’s fucking awesome. If your school is fucking up enough to offer a bullshit class this easy, you’re an idiot if you DON’T take it. I’m not buying into this bullshit that it’s immoral. That’s like saying, “You get stuck in traffic every day for 30 minutes, but if you take this back road no one knows about, you’ll get there in 10. BUT it’s immoral of you and unfair to the other drivers for you to ‘cheat the system’ like that.” Baloney.

The goal for your bogus gen-ed classes is to work smarter, not harder. You should not be taking a difficult biology class if your major is art history. You should be looking at ratemyprofessors, skimming through the test bank, and registering for the class that doesn’t count for attendance, so you can have time to focus on important things, like your real major. And drinking. If members of the Greek system were the only ones well-connected enough to find out about these filler grade-boosting classes, then I say the rest of the campus needs to wise up and lay off. And if said Greeks took so many of these classes that they accidentally ended up with a minor in African American studies, can’t we all just admit that that’s hilarious, eliminate the classes, and move on with our day?

[via International Business Times, Business Insider]

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