Understanding Congress’s Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

Raise your hand if you hate sex. Anyone? No one. So you’re telling me everyone loves sex. Then why doesn’t everyone love Planned Parenthood? This institution was made up by a bunch of horny people who love boning and want everyone to bone with peace of mind. But on Friday, Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Now this doesn’t mean that this will necessarily go into law because the president still has the power to veto. This has been labeled by NPR as a “symbolic vote,” meaning even though it might not pass, it serves as a statement that people are unhappy with the funding of Planned Parenthood. Here’s a hot take on why this matters:

Planned Parenthood Actually Prevents Abortions
Yes, Planned Parenthood performs abortions. But because of all the contraceptive services they provide, they prevent 516,000 unintended pregnancies and 216,000 abortions a year while they only performed 327,166 in the last year. The organization released a breakdown of the services they provide, and they even put it into a pretty little graph.

They Let You Know If Your Junk Is Funky
Planned Parenthood tests for STDs, HIV, HPV, and even cancer. It is crucial for everyone who is sexually active to get tested to keep themselves and their fellow hornballs safe. And don’t skip getting tested because you’re scared. That’s such a Samantha thing to do.

Planned Parenthood Affects More Women Than We Think
One in five women in the U.S. have used services from Planned Parenthood and 84% are college-aged or older. This isn’t just a sketchy free clinic where they give you condoms that make his junk smell like pie (Juno reference FTW). This is a well-established organization with your best interest in mind. They want us to have fun, but also be safe. It’s like they’re a mom — but not just any mom. They’re a cool mom.

[via NPR, Planned Parenthood]

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