UND’s Gamma Phi Beta Accused Of Racial Insensitivity

As a proud alumna of the University of Delaware, I usually have no room to talk in regard to school mascots. The Fightin’ Blue Hens? Let’s call it what it is. It’s a fucking chicken. (Same goes for you, South Carolina. Do not get sassy on me.) Still, there are some pretty bad ones. The TCU Horned Frogs. The Providence Friars. The Delta State Fightin’ Okra — as in the vegetable. That’s rough. But at least…at least we have mascots.

Little did I know, that the University of North Dakota does not. Formerly the Fighting Sioux, UND was made to remove their mascot in 2012, because racism. The school is prohibited from adopting a new mascot until 2015.

So what are students to do? How do you display your pride? The sisters of Gamma Phi Beta came up with a fun, creative, and definitely not offensive way. They hung this sign.


Surely, the girls thought they were being clever, but there’s always that weirdness when your sign hangs directly in front of the American Indian Student Services building. But of course, they’re being accused of being racist, because it’s impossible that the girls could be disappointed about not having a mascot for three years without blatant undertones of racism.

Unfortunately, the banner was put up during Time Out Week, which is an event to celebrate Native Americans, and it was right in front of the Native American Student Service building (give me something, girls!), but is it absolutely crazy to think it really was just to support their school in the Frozen Four (which is some hockey situation)? I think not.

The girls promptly took their banner down after some complaints, and issued an apology.

[via WDAZ]

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