Unicorn Lattes Exist, Because White Women Will Do Anything For The ‘Gram

Unicorn Lattes Exist, Because White Women Will Do Anything For The 'Gram

I have to admit, I don’t really get the whole unicorn thing that’s currently on trend right now. I mean, if I am going to believe in a fictional being, it’s definitely going to be a genie that can grant me three wishes (a hot guy, a billion dollars, and the ability to contour without looking like a clown). But just because I don’t get it doesn’t stop it from being a thing, and the newest unicorn item to hit the market is the unicorn latte.

The End, a café in the ever-trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, has created the unicorn latte.

You know what really brightens up a rainy day ☔️? (Hint: ) RG:

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Who could use one of these today? ‍♂️‍♂️ : @lizstefan

A photo posted by The End Brooklyn (@thendbrooklyn) on

Pretty, right? But let’s look a bit closer at the ingredients:

Yes, you read that correct: there’s algae in that fairytale looking concoction.

According to Stylist, the super cool coffee makers over at The End claim that the algae used is also good for our brains: “Decalcifying the [pineal] gland can lead to extreme mental clarity, and helps restore health and vibrancy to the physical body. It is quickly becoming the antidote to the mid-afternoon brain fog for our customers.”

You can put all of the pretty sprinkles on the top you want, I’m not drinking fungi in my latte. I’ll be sticking with my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce from Starbs, thank you very much.

[via HeatWorld]

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