Universal Studios Orlando Is Building A Real Life Chocolate Factory


Ever wish you could dive head first into a pool of red velvet cupcakes? Ever wish it was socially acceptable to bathe in a chocolate syrup shower? Ever secretly wish a fat kid would challenge you to a double chocolate molten lava chip brownie cake eating contest just so you can justify consuming three weeks worth of calories in 15 minutes? Whether or not you need psychiatric help is not the question. Bottom line: you’re normal.

Lucky for us, Universal Studios Orlando understands our semi-psychosis and is responding the only way a great company can. So prepare yourselves, my fellow Veruca Salts, a life-size Chocolate Factory & Sweets Emporium will soon become reality.

According to Universal, the “Toothsome Chocolate Factory” is said to open later this year. Along with a lineup of ridiculous-looking milkshakes and sundaes adorned with cookies and candy, this binge-inducing heaven on earth will also offer ALL. DAY. BRUNCH.

I mean, I already would choose this restaurant over sex — but seeing this preview of the menu really drives it home:

• Chocolate x5: An explosion of chocolate with chocolate spirals, chunks, ice-cream and whipped cream.
• Bacon Brittle: A fun twist on a breakfast favorite with bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel.
• Espresso Buzzzz: A coffee lover’s dream with coffee ice-cream and chocolate covered beans.
• Red Velvet: A milkshake topped with a Red Velvet cupcake…enough said.
• Key Lime Pie: We’ve taken this classic Florida dessert and turned it into a delicious shake. You’ll even get a slice of pie on top!

BRB, making a countdown ‘til opening day.

[via Universal]

Image via Instagram

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