University Of Central Arkansas Discusses Building $12.5 Million “Greek Village”

The University of Central Arkansas has recently discussed creating a Greek Village. UCA’s president, Tom Courtway, has already discussed potential blueprints with an architectural firm, and he’s just waiting on the final go-ahead from the board of trustees to move forward with the plan.

At a school where Greek life is only at about 10%, but steadily rising, the plan is to begin building a Greek Village with five Greek houses on 12.5 acres of land on the corner of Dave Ward Drive and Farris Road. Five sororities and three fraternities have already expressed interest in the five initial homes in the village. Each of the eight competing organizations have backing and alumni ready to begin the project, estimated to cost about $12 million. It is likely that the sorority houses will be constructed first, and the fraternity houses added in after. Courtway is hoping to begin building right away. He believes that this addition will house about 350 more students, as well as produce nearly $3 million in revenue by year 14.

“Now, some of you may think that is a long time, but we are currently losing money on Bear Hall and on Farris Hall, both of which are our two top residence halls. At some point, those will flip and become revenue generators.”

His focus is on creating Greek housing rather than other residents halls, because…well, because Greeks are better.

“Student leaders come out of the Greek system,” Courtway said. “Retention rates and graduation rates are higher among these groups than in the general student body. Something like this creates buzz, It can help in recruitment. We need to take a hard look at this soon.”

My excitement for this is only outweighed by my jealousy. An entire Greek community all within one little area will only further widen the gap between Greeks and geeds. I see that as a good thing. I’m envisioning this as a gated community, though it probably won’t be, to literally keep non-Greeks out. It will be this elusive spot that everyone wonders about, but you literally have to be on the inside to understand. Noise complaints from locals, stupid enough to purchase a home in a college town, will be at an all-time low, as all the parties worth going to are in one elite location.

Although they’re still waiting on the final word, I’m sure the plans will come to fruition. Greeks always get what they want.

[via The Cabin]

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