University Of Montana KKG House Mom Stole Over $10,000 For Clothes And Alcohol

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Last year, in an effort to figure out where the hell all of my money was going, I put myself on a budget. I wrote down every single penny I spent on anything, and I discovered pretty much what I expected: I had an online shopping problem and a mild Starbucks addiction. Not that I’ve actually done anything about it. Yeah, I know that if I shopped less and saved more I’d have more cash in the bank. But I really NEED those new riding boots and a shaken iced tea/lemonade from Starbs every day. Either way, looking at what I was spending was a good idea, and it sounds like it would have been a good idea for the University of Montana Kappa Kappa Gamma house mom, too. Particularly since the money she was spending wasn’t hers.

Sherri Lynn Sweet, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s former house mom, has been charged with embezzling over $10,000 from the chapter over two years. This carries a mandatory minimum of one year in prison and a $50,000 fine. However, she agreed to a deal and pled guilty on August 26. Meaning she will have to pay back the funds and will get a lesser sentence when she is sentenced on November 18.

Apparently, Sweet had a debit card linked to the chapter’s bank account so she could pay for regular house mom stuff – groceries, bill payments, etc. But she started to sneak in some things of her own, such as jeans, bottles of wine, and even cash back (TSTC). Seems small, right? Not to mention something we totally did when our parents handed us their plastic to go get groceries. But Sweet’s illicit purchases totaled $10,321.33, which is a little more than the occasional treat here and there.

According to the Kaimin News, Sweet told the Missoula police that she had “no idea how much she was spending on herself” and she used the stolen money to support her drinking problem. Personally, I’d love a drunk house mom who would probably be passed out when I was trying to sneak my boyfriend in for a sleepover, but not if she’s buying her booze with my money. Luckily for the chapter, the missing funds “didn’t create a hardship for us,” according to Leann Athas, the former Kappa Kappa Gamma treasurer and current house director. Since the incident, however, the chapter has implemented more “robust” procedures for reviewing receipts for expenditures.

Kappa Kappa Gamma is obviously lucky to be so well-off if ten grand one way or another doesn’t make a difference, but it would for a lot of other chapters. Better start checking those receipts, ladies.

[via Kaimin News]

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