University Of Southern Florida Student Walks From Tallahasse, FL To Laguna Beach, CA

Every day, twenty-two-year-old Harrison Milanian, a student at the University of Southern Florida, began walking his golden retriever, Captain, eventually realizing that his walks went on for twenty miles. You hear that, fatass? He walked twenty miles a day “just because.” I know, I know. He’s not in a sorority. His schedule can’t possibly be as jam-packed as yours is. Now that I’ve allowed you that justification, finish reading this, put down the Nutella, and go for a twenty mile walk.

Milanian decided to go full Forrest Gump on everyone and participate in “America on foot.” He walked across the entire country. Why the fuck not? His parents and family urged him not to, but on May 7 Milanian began his 11-week walk from Tallahassee to Laguna Beach California. He brought with him a baby stroller filled with snacks, water, clothing, and a tent and went on his way. Reportedly, he walked approximately 30-40 miles a day over 14 hours, with no breaks. And your ex-boyfriend says you’re crazy. Why did he do it, you ask?

“It was a test for myself,” he said. “This was like a rite of passage for me. It was a challenge for me and it was a challenge for my countrymen. I was walking across America and I didn’t bring anything with me.”

It’s like pledging, but at the end of it, you’re still by yourself.

Milanian did have some pretty interesting experiences. Some strangers were kind enough to offer him food, water, and shelter, and some strangers were kind enough not to murder him when he walked on the street “belonging” to their gang. America, the beautiful.

On July 28, he finally ended up on Laguna Beach, and was able to say that he was the youngest person to ever walk cross-country, and that he did it in the shortest amount of time. I guess that’s pretty cool. So, ladies, if you go to USF, be on the lookout for this madman slash record holder. He’ll be the man who walked 1,000 miles (times three?) to end up at your front door…or your back door if you let him.

[via Miami Herald]

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