University Vice President Accused Of Trading Scholarships For Sex

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Paying for college is hard. Everybody knows that. Money is hard to come by, scholarships are few and far between, and jobs near campus can be hard to find. So when someone from your university offers you a scholarship, you’re going to jump at the chance, right? Especially if you’re coming from a situation that may not be the best. That’s exactly what several men at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania did–until Isaac Sanders allegedly began pressuring them for sexual favors.

Sanders was the vice president of advancement at the university, and he acted as the chief fundraiser while there. The men–all between their early twenties and thirties–are suing him for sexual assault, claiming he forced himself on them or coerced them into sexual acts.

Though Sanders was fired from the university pending an investigation six years ago, nothing ever came from the investigation. Sanders has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the matter, saying that these allegations are coming from men who are “motivated by less than honorable intentions.”

Sanders says he looks forward to getting the case in front of a jury so they can hear the facts. I’m personally looking forward to finding out if he’s ever read that TFM article about how to get someone to give you a blow job. You don’t have to force it, dude.

[via Huffington Post]

Image via East Stroudsburg University

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