UPenn Boy Band Sings Ballad To Adderall And It’s Even Greater Than You’d Think

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This morning, I was tipped off about a boy band, a trio, actually at UPenn. Going by the name “Hey Day” the trio recently released a song called “Adderall.” This was comedic gold. A bunch of nerdy ivy leaguers singing a ballad to a performance-enhancing drug. The only thing that could make it better was the sequel in 40 years, when they inevitably sang to Viagra. I was beyond excited. I expected bad singing and clumsy lyrics –or maybe even some ridiculous spoof– but much to my disappointment, I actually loved it.

The song is filled with clever plays on words and puns (I LOVE a good pun), about focusing on a girl — looking Adderall the time. It’s totally boy band-ish and cheesey, but I’m obsessed. I was sold when the lyrics discussed studying how to get this girl. The answer? This.

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Listen to my new favorite non-famous boy band, and their should-be-awful-but-actually-amazing song below.

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Veronica Ruckh

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