UW Is Throwing A “White Privilege” Party

UW Is Throwing A "White Privilege" Party

You guys, I got really excited this morning. Like, really excited. We received a tip through our tipline that students at the University of Washington were throwing a “Check Your Privilege Party.” I froze, and blinked, and lost my mind for a moment. This was it. There was going to be a party to make fun of white people. Partygoers, I imagined, would wear polos tucked into their underpants, and sweaters tied around their shoulders, and visors! Oh, please let there be visors. Some really dedicated guests might fashion a golf cart out of cardboard to roll up in. They will serve spaghetti with cut up hot dog, and everyone will drink Riesling. The women will wear sensible heels and bermuda shorts and no one will be allowed to dance! This is everything!

Until I checked out the Facebook event, and learned that the event coordinator and I had different definition of the word “party.”

To the Rebels & Rejects of Society:
Greek Row has been a place where too many of us have been shut out of for too long. We have been told we are too fat, too dark skinned, not able-bodied and don’t fit the model.
The frats have repeatedly attacked us. Both physically and verbally, they have said black lives don’t matter, they have raped us and then called us sluts & liars, they have trashed trans people making fun of them at fashion shows, they have physically attacked black woman. They tell us it is not all- but it is too many. It is time they are held accountable for these actions.

On this night we will take over and claim space on Greek Row, we will give ourselves access to this space. On this night we will center black lives, queer lives and differently abled/ disabled lives, and we will check their privilege.

To make this space accessible as possible we ask that you are scent free

A little “if we burn, you burn with us” for my liking, but I get the message. Homegirl does not like Greeks and she’s organizing some type of rally against them.

Naturally, some Greeks were upset. I mean, I’ve never been to UW, but I’m unaware of any Greek system that is pillaging through campus, taking down anyone who ruins the curve, and raping the women to celebrate their victories, GoT style. There are problems within the Greek system, certainly, but last I heard, faulting the many for the wrongdoings of a few is wrong. Ironically, that’s what groups like this are aimed to fight against.

A lot of people got riled up.



And while there were a few comments by people that seemed to egg the anger on…


…and one dude I found who was straight up nasty…


…the majority of comments by members of the Greek community were calm and rational.




But if you ask me, the following pearls of wisdom are the ones worth listening to.



Should be an interesting event.

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