Vandals Are Graffitiing Creepy Messages All Over Cornell’s Campus, Label Sigma Pi “Rapists”

Sig Pi

Some creepy shit is going down at Cornell right now. An unidentified perpetrator is going around writing graffiti in red spray paint — most of which say “Cornell won’t save you.” The message was written on several school buildings including Milstein Hall, Balch Hall, Baker War Memorial Flagpole and a bus stop by Risley Hall.

Specifically targeted, was the Sigma Pi house with fresh new graffiti that says “Kill your rapist” and a drawing of a guillotine with the caption “Off with your heads.”

Look, I hate rapists as much as the next girl, but this is downright weird, and ultimately libelous. Spring rush is right around the corner, and menacing graffiti not only wrongly vilifies a group of men, but also has an unnecessary cult vibe.

The vandalism on the fraternity house is being investigated by the Ithaca Police Department, while the vandalism on campus is being investigated by campus police.

[via The Ithaca Voice]

Image via Google Street View

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