Victoria’s Secret Is Dropping Everything But Lingerie And We’re All Going To Die

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I guess we all knew this day was coming. Some things in life are just too good to last. Victoria’s Secret has apparently decided to follow in the footsteps of your freshman year GPA and most recent relationship by collapsing before your very eyes and basically ruining your life. The line plans to drop sweats, swimwear, shoes, accessories, and apparel.

Fashionista reports that the line is cutting the thread on “everything that had been offered online and varied by stores,” which basically excludes everything but Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, Pink, and Victoria’s Secret Beauty. Each of the three will be online, but the items online will be the same items you find in store.

These cuts aren’t just ditching numerous categories that contributed $525 million in sales last year alone– they’ll also result in the elimination of about 290 employees. Which raises the question: why the fuck do they think this is a good idea? Can someone tell me what is happening at VS headquarters? Apparently this catastrophe is a result of a trend in “simplification and narrower focus” among the world’s biggest brands. Because apparently offering a wide array of selections is so last season.

The only silver lining behind these bullshit cutbacks is that you’re likely to get discounted prices while they try to get rid of all the merchandise. So stock up while you can, because the days of Sunday hangovers spent in your favorite Pink sweats and slouchy sweatshirts will soon be gone forever.

[via Fashionista]

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