VIDEO: Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Gets Proposed To During Performance

Just like most proposal videos, this one involving a Chicago Bulls cheerleader and her new fiancé has gone completely viral. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is quite worth the watch. Yes, it is a “cute” video that most girls across the country watch with admiration and wish they were the star of instead of cheerleader Ariana Rosado. However, it is also a video that reinforces the comical scenario of a public proposal and how ridiculously tacky it usually is.

In the video, Luvabull (the name of the Bull’s cheerleading squad…WTF?) Ariana Rosado is in the middle of the squad’s performance during the third quarter when the music pauses and switches to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. At that moment, she continues dancing and has no idea what’s going on while the rest of her squad circles around her, doing their own routine. Rosado tries to escape the situation when oh, what do you know, a scary-ass-looking bull mascot takes her by the hand and sits her in a rolling chair in the middle of the court. Tacky yet?

Rosado continues to sit in the chair for an uncomfortably long time while the Luvabulls dance around her. (Take note that in the background of the video, the NBA players are not fazed whatsoever and the Bulls coach continues to argue with the referee.) After a good 50 seconds of Rosado’s disoriented awkwardness, another creepy bull mascot (this one bigger) comes out from nowhere. Oh, but underneath this one is her future husband, obviously. Shane Zackery takes off his costume and, finally, Rosado understands what the fuck is happening. Zackery gets down on one knee and Rosado takes him in her arms and says yes. How sweet, except for the fact that Zackery put the ring on the fourth finger of her right hand. Son of a bitch, that’s unfortunate.

Watch the video:

While I am happy for the newly engaged couple, I have to feel a little sorry for the Luvabull. The public proposal is just awkward, unoriginal, and tacky AF. Not to mention, it’s somewhat conceited considering half the audience doesn’t give a shit about your proposal. You can just imagine the die-hard Bull fans in the stands at the time thinking, “Are you serious right now? GTFO, pussies.” Harsh, but probably realistic.

The honest question to the concept of a public proposal is this: What if the chick says no? That would be messed up, but maybe that’s the whole point of it — to leave the woman with no choice unless she wants to forever be seen as a bitch. Tricky, indeed.

Regardless of whether or not Rosado was happy with her proposal, congrats to the couple and I hope they live a happy life together. However, to my future husband, if you’re reading this, please never propose to me this way because I will legitimately barf on you. Thank you, and goodnight.

[via Huffington Post]

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