(Video) University Of Wisconsin Breaks Out Best Streaker In Years For Final Game

The University of Wisconsin is just wild this year. They’ve had quite a season. The fewest incidents reported all season occurred at Wiscy’s game against Indiana, at which there were five arrests, five citations, eight ejections from the stadium, and one detox transportation. I know you didn’t think I was talking about football stats. The highest recorded BAC from that game day was .29 — the weakest high all season. The student body’s rowdiness averaged much, much higher: 14.7 citations per game, 14.4 student arrests, and 26.1 ejections from the stadium. Quite a season indeed.

Marc Lovicott, UWPD’s spokesperson, has made it clear however, that the worst would be expected at the last game, and he was right. At Saturday’s game, the highest recorded BAC was .33 and six students were transported to detox, and there were 18 citations. because the University of Wisconsin DOES. NOT. MESS. AROUND. They’re wild, bros. Simply no stopping them — except for one of them: Cade Peregoy who stormed the field and streaked his way right up to the end zone.

While UWPD don’t know how the student got onto the field, they do know that Peregoy reportedly got closer to the end zone than any other streaker in years. The results were epic. Look at him. Right up against it — but no touchdown.

Streaker 2

Streaker 3

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 1.05.05 PM

Streaker 4

Streaker 5

Streaker 1

I like to imagine that if I were tackled to the ground by mall cops university police enforcement, that before the alcohol wore off, and before I got my underage drinking and entering the playing surface citations, I’d be laughing, too. Love that shit-eating grin.

[via Badger Herald]


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