Was The $1,989 Check Taylor Swift Gave A Fan A Wonderful Gesture Or A Shitty PR Stunt?

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With record-breaking sales of her new album, “1989,” Taylor Swift has been paying back her fans for their dedicated support. $90 for Chipotle here, bridal shower presents there, and Christmas presents everywhere are just a few of the things Tay’s done to spread the love around her loyal fan base. One fan just got the best gift of all, though: a student loan payment.

After finding out about fan Rebekah’s student loan debt, Taylor dropped $1,989 to help her pay it off. As you’ll see below, Rebekah absolutely loses her mind, and I can’t say I blame her.

With all of Taylor’s gifts, I’ve been skeptical, but I’ve also tried to support her. “It’s not a marketing ploy,” I tried to convince myself. “It’s so thoughtful and completely unprecedented for a worldwide superstar to do this for just an average fan. She’s doing it because she loves them.” This may be true, but after this donation, I’ve started to doubt her motives. Of all the amounts she could have donated, she had to pick $1,989? Was she worried that it was no longer trending and needed to get the word spreading again? As someone who is up to her neck in student loans, I would be absolutely thrilled if someone made a payment for me. But after approximately three and a half months of no loan repayment, I’d realize that this amount had barely touched interest and that I’d still be up to my neck in loans for the next 30 years to come. Taylor, that was generous, but it wasn’t that generous. You provided a temporary solution to a permanent problem while using your “gift” as an opportunity to market for yourself.

I can’t say I’m not jealous, but let me know when Taylor starts paying more than just the basic interest on people’s loans. Maybe then you’ll find me on her team.

[via Time]

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