Watch This Poor Guy Botch His Very Public Proposal In The Middle Of A Yankees Game


If a guy ever proposes to me on camera at a sporting event, I will say no. I don’t care if he’s a multi-millionaire with a Chuck Bass-esque jawline; I’m turning that son of a bitch down. It’s not just because it’s way too public and I don’t want a thousand people to see it, but because he’s an idiot for thinking that’s an appropriate location for one of the most important moments of my life. Try popping the question somewhere I actually give a shit about, like a romantic restaurant, or Target.

On Thursday night, one man decided the fifth inning of a New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox game was the perfect time to stage a proposal. Things were going well, until the poor guy lost the ring in the stadium and enlisted the help of surrounding spectators to help find the bling.

It’s a good thing he found it, and an even better thing that his poor, humiliated girlfriend said yes. I’m not sure what I would have done in this situation. On one hand, I feel really bad for the guy. But on the other hand, stadium proposals are ridiculously cheesy, and at this point they’re a dime a dozen.

Congrats to the happy couple. Y’all might want to consider enlisting the help of a thoroughly trusted groomsman to hang on to the actual wedding band until the big day.

[via UPROXX]

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