Watch This Random Maniac Pick Up Gigi Hadid For No Reason


Being famous would be so stressful. You can’t go anywhere public on your own; you have to bring a handful of bodyguards to make sure your stalkers don’t swarm you. When you reach a certain level of fame, you just can’t go anywhere without desperate paparazzi hunting you down.

Gigi Hadid has most definitely reached that level. Which would (sort of) explain why this fucking psychotic stranger randomly picked her up off the ground and held her until she managed to wriggle herself free.

She acted like a total boss here. If it had happened to me, I would’ve been way too freaked out to get pissed and try to chase him down while hurling insults. Girl’s got thicker skin than I do, but I still feel bad for her. It must be terrifying to have people constantly clawing at you. No wonder so many stars have psychotic break downs–people never leave them alone.

Here’s my official “Fuck you” to all of the U.K. tabloids who ran pictures of this incident with the headline, “Not So Model Behavior.”

Well said.

[via Elite Daily ]

Image via Instagram

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