We Freak Out Over Channing Tatum, He Freaks Out Over Simone Biles On “Ellen”

As if we didn’t love Ellen enough already, she came out guns (or abs) blazing on her season 14 premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Before you proceed to read this article and watch this video, make sure you are behind closed doors and by yourself because it is about to get steamy.

Wanting to start the season off with a bang (and a lap dance) Ellen invited Channing Tatum, and he invited the men from Magic Mike Live, which will be debuting at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas next year. You will smile, you will blush, you will laugh, and you will hate your life when the 4 minutes comes to an end.

Channing says he hopes the show will be “women empowering…you know, equal opportunity objectification for everyone.”

So while we are busy being empowered by all these wonderful shirtless men, Channing couldn’t help but to freak out about meeting wonder woman Simone Biles. The first time the two meet is totally adorable, as Channing acts as a statue holding up all of the medals she won at the 2016 Rio Olympics. If only he were shirtless.

Let’s not forget Simone already had Zac Efron fly to Rio to cheer her on, so how much better could her life possibly get?! Now we can all go about our day being even more depressed about our lives. Thanks Ellen.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via YouTube

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