We Need To Talk About Taylor Swift At Coachella

Unless you’re my great-aunt Carol who lives in Nebraska, you probably know that over the weekend was the Coachella Valley Music and Arts (arts?) Festival in Indio, California. Essentially you’re a nobody if you didn’t post an Instagram photo wearing that coveted wristband. Every celebrity from the A-list, all the way down to the Z-list showed up in their Urban Outfitters best. I kid you not, even Guy Fieri showed up.

That brings us to the case at a hand. A one Miss Taylor Swift. The former country songstress turned deliverer of court docs was spotted at the fest to show some support while her man, DJ and good-looking person, Calvin Harris pushed some buttons on stage for the masses. And that’s when this photo was taken. Take it all in.

Now let’s discuss.

A little back story before we dive in. While I was once a “swiftie” back in the day, now you can find me cringing at everything she does. There’s something about her that just doesn’t sit well with me. She’s just so…boring. The knitting, the cats, the vintage inspired clothing, it all seems just too clean. Swift has been famous since she was a teen and I’ve yet to see one single sloppy drunken paparazzi photo. It’s just not natural.

Well this photo changes everything. The morning after fried Courtney Love-esque hair, the empty glare, we deserve this messy version of Taylor Swift. If history has taught us anything, it’s that every pop star must have a coked out party girl phase. It is a rite of passage that even real life, walking Anthropologie catalogue, Taylor Swift must complete.

I want to see her Bad Blood squad stumbling from bar to bar a la this power trio.

I need a drug scandal that lands her on the front of tabloids.

Even Hilary Duff had her messy era! Hilary Duff!!! Taylor, your time is now.

Maybe, the photographers just caught her at a bad moment. But maybe, just maybe we’re looking at a rolling Taylor Swift who is letting out her inner rave girl just waiting for the next bass to drop. She’s in a PR relationship dating a DJ for crying out loud! There’s a party girl in there just waiting to let loose. I can feel it. No one dyes their hair platinum to sit at home and knit.

This photo could be an omen of things to come. The scandalous party girl Taylor Swift era could be right around the corner and I am here for it.

[via Shady Music Facts]

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