What Body Type Do Men Prefer?

What Body Type Do Men Prefer?

As a strong, independent woman, I don’t give a damn what men find most attractive. But as a woman whose end goal is ultimately to attract a man, I can admit to you that there wasn’t even a sliver of truth in the last sentence you read. I care about what men find attractive, because I would like for it to be me. I mean, don’t get me wrong — I’d also like women to find me attractive. I’d actually like every person I ever come into contact with to find me attractive. It just matters more with men, because they’re the only ones I want to sleep with.


The Daily Mail used three models and some high-tech eye-tracking devices to measure which body type men looked at the most. One woman was super thin, with a runway model type build, one was curvy (the original use of the term — not a euphemism for overweight), and the last was athletic. They didn’t use any women who appeared to be over a size 4, because God forbid this study was inclusive of all body types, LOL, get real.

This is what they found.

So contrary to a recent study with the exact opposite findings, this technology is saying that curvy girls reign supreme with men looking at the curvy model for 36% of the time, the athletic model 35% of the time and the thin model 29% of the time.

I find a few issues with how this operation worked, though.

1. There were only ten test subjects, all of whom appeared to be Class A dorks.
2. The men only had 30 seconds in the room.
3. The test does not account for personality, and as one subject pointed out, he felt like he looked at the chattiest girl the longest.
4. This wasn’t a blind test. Re: the subjects knew what they were being tested for, which could alter their results.
5. The athletic girl was clearly the nakedest, so I demand a recount on that front.
6. The curvy girl, at least to me, had the prettiest face, so like, duh.

But on the OTHER hand, as a curvy girl, this study means I win, so I’m going to just go ahead and accept the results purely for self-esteem purposes.

[via Daily Mail]

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