What Can I Do With My Sorority This Fall?

Fall is finally upon us. Technically fall begins September 22, but who even cares about technicalities? When the clock strikes midnight on August 31st, and you turn the page in your planner to September, that is when it’s really fall. I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees outside, I will be loading up on Bath & Body Works’ “leaves” scented candles and oversized flannels.

That being said, your days of poolside sisterhood events are behind you (sayonara, shaving). Now the real fun begins. Breath in that crisp Autumn air and embrace the best season with your sisters.

Apple Picking

A Pinterest perfect sisterhood event. See if there are any orchards in your area, grab that wicker basket you have yet to find a use for, and you’re off. But wait, there’s more. Not only are you stocked up on an alternative healthy snack choice so you don’t eat an entire bag of Doritos again (LOL), you can extend the event to make it EVEN MORE fall-y. That’s right, time to make some caramel apples.

Haunted House

If you like paying to be scared, this one is for you! Nothing brings you closer together than sheer fear and terror.

DIY Fall Decor

Is it even fall if your house doesn’t reflect it? NO. It isn’t. Bring out the hot glue, fake leaves, mason jars, pine cones, etc. Go get your Martha Stewart on. Glue gun burn bonding. <3

Pumpkin Patch

This is mandatory. You must attend a pumpkin patch or you will get kicked out of your sorority. Not only will this add to your fall decor, but it will make a great addition to you IG ~aesthetic.~

Pumpkin Carving

Now that you have your pumpkin, what comes next? You carve it. The best part about pumpkin carving is that you don’t have to have any crafting skills whatsoever. None. All you need is the ability to do carve out a few geometric shapes.

Actually Make It To The Football Game

Yes, I know this one may seem pretty obvious. Sure, I know there are a lot of you that love college football and attend as many games as possible. But there are a lot more of you that just go to the tailgate and call it a day (I don’t blame you). But this time, try actually going to the game after the tailgate. You don’t even have to watch the game! Bring a big comfy blanket, cuddle up with your posse, and let the people (and occasional athlete) watching commence. Sports!

Scary Movie Lock-In

Ah yes, a sisterhood event that you won’t want to try and get out of because you’re lazy. A good old fashioned lock-in. And okay maybe not even “scary” movies, a Harry Potter marathon night? Sign me up. Halloweentown night? I’m there. Hocus Pocus? *sprints*

Bonfire With S’mores

You don’t need a frat house or beer scented boys to have a bonfire! Everyone knows any good sisterhood event turns into a great sisterhood event when there’s food involved. Warm up on those chilly nights with a bonfire, and pack on that winter weight with pounds of Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers.

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