What Happened to Having Class?

Lately it seems like everywhere you look, the world has become, for lack of a better term…really trashy. People become famous for bumping uglies via home video and for paying women with Daddy issues to hoover away…which is only okay when Richard Gere does it. After marital indiscretions, politicians, the leaders and presumed role models of this country proceed to dump their wives upon their diagnosis of cancer. Marriages have turned into publicity stunts lasting only 72 days. TV shows are dedicated to depicting the lives of teen mothers. Celebrities boast about having “tiger blood,” “winning,” and all the drugs they use. When did it become okay to worship and praise those who have a lower moral standing than the rest of us do? As sorority women, shouldn’t we be trying to be “Kate’s” instead of “Kim’s”?

I’ll admit, I’m no saint. Far from it. Formals, mixers, exchanges, parties, you name it, I’m there. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all reached that moment when we’re one shot away from complete and utter obliteration. But we need to be able to resist, as appealing as it may be, making fools of ourselves. I’m not saying don’t drink. Let’s be serious, not drinking is not an option. On the other hand, being a drunken slut shouldn’t be either. “Well, I was drunk” has become the most widely over-used BS response to misbehavior to date…but let’s not kid ourselves here. Before you go out there’s always that nagging question in the back of your mind: “How far am I willing to go tonight?” You know what you’re doing. Drunk is not a reason; it’s an excuse.

Drunken misadventures aside, our reputations as classy upstanding members of society remain at stake. Our vocabulary says a lot about who we are. Question: are we guidos and guidettes? No, and we never will be. Why? I hope it’s obvious to you, or you probably shouldn’t be on this site. Other than the undeniable differences between Jersey Shore folk and Greeks, the creatures they call women think it’s permissible to swear around the clock. Real women don’t stoop down to the level of those with names like J-Woww and Snooki. Only women who lack class entirely use language that is more appropriate at a truck stop than at a chapter meeting. We are sorority women and we are above that.

Unfortunately, the ever-present downfall of class does not end there. Rudeness to fellow Greeks has become rampant. People joke about the dangers of unprotected sex. Parents, despite all they do for us, are no longer respected. Drinking to the point of illness is commonplace. Putting an effort into our studies has been condemned, while promiscuous sex seems to have become acceptable behavior. I can’t for the life of me understand why these problems exist. Have Panhellenic love, use condoms, respect your parents, know your limits, work hard in school and be selective about whom you chose to give yourself to. It’s not that hard. At all. But recently I’ve been led to believe that we aren’t trying as hard as we should.

You may think I’m preaching or that this is some sort of Jehova-Witness-inspired ploy to stop everyone from having fun, but that’s not it. Gentlemen, though you may have an affinity for loose women now, one day you will want to get married and you’ll thank me then when there are still classy ladies around. If all sorority women were to succumb to the ideals perpetuated by MTV, your breeding pool would no longer exist. Do you really want to deal with a bunch of disease-ridden, cigarette-smoking, disrespectful women who are mothers to three children by graduation? No. Who would you marry then? None other than the self-respecting women who currently seem to be disdained.

So ladies, let’s remember to keep our high social standing, not only on our campuses, but everywhere we go. Even though recently it seems like we might be faltering, remember who you are and what those letters stand for. No matter what house you’re in, you are a sorority woman, and the things you do and say affect us all. We’re viewed as role models. We care for those who are less fortunate, have higher GPAs and are all around great women. So please, let’s try to keep it that way

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