What His Restaurant Choice Says About Your Relationship

What His Restaurant Choice Says About Your Relationship

So the hot guy you’ve been pretending to not have any feelings for while secretly planning your impending wedding on Pinterest finally asked you out to dinner. Knowing the restaurant beforehand is crucial not only so you can plan the perfect outfit, but also to determine how serious he is and if he’s worth shaving your legs for. Take it from me, a girl who went from being wined and dined at Ruth’s Chris one night to a fucking barbecue buffet the next (if you find my dignity somewhere between the potato salad and mac and cheese lmk.) The restaurant he chooses can be an accurate predictor of your future relationship.

1. Somewhere nice (Three or more dollar signs on Yelp)
The wine list is longer than your list of hookups freshman year, and the lady at the table next to you is wearing Loubs and a fox fur (#goals.) This choice shows that he is not only financially stable (or his dad is, whatever I’ll take it,) but is also trying to impress you. Bonus points if he orders a great bottle of cab and insists on you ordering dessert. He knows what he wants (you, you lucky bitch, and this guy has serious potential for something long term

2. Somewhere kinda nice (Two to three dollar signs on Yelp)
By choosing somewhere with good food and a more relaxed atmosphere, he’s playing it safe. He isn’t risking overpaying for a disaster first date, and that’s a choice I can respect. Less pressure and good food is a win-win situation. This relationship has potential to be lowkey and drama free.

3. Hooters, a buffet anything, fast food, or a pub
At the risk of sounding like a stuckup bitch, gtfo. Of course there are great guys, especially in college, who don’t have the means to take you out for filet mignon and champagne every night. But it’s also all about effort. It costs like $10 to grab a box of pasta and some wine at Trader Joe’s for a romantic dinner at his place, and who doesn’t appreciate a guy who cooks?

4. Up to you
If he asks for your input on the restaurant beforehand, he may be a keeper. Because there’s nothing worse than going on a date to a trendy sushi restaurant when your pet fish just died. (RIP Angel.)

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