What Is Your State’s Most Popular Starbucks Order?

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Losing your mind until PSL season dawns again? Undecided on what to order? Don’t worry–we all are. It’s finally your turn at the register and you haven’t made up your mind between that Starbucks refresher or a skinny iced latte. (They have the same number of calories! How are you supposed to choose?) When in doubt, just do what we all do best: follow the crowd, and order the drink of your people.

Quartz released this map showing what drink coffee snobs are most likely to order at certain locations across America. Unsurprisingly, the states close to the Equator and the surface of the sun are more likely to order an iced beverage than a hot beverage. Californians want the most hip, organic, beach-friendly drink and are most likely to pick up a green tea frappucino. Charlotte ladies like to watch their figures with skinny lattes. Seattle residents go hardcore with an extra shot of espresso, while Philadelphians are coffee lightweights who frequently order the blonde roast.

Although we’re separated by our differing regions and palates, our love for Starbucks stays the same. Now, if you’re ever stuck on that coffee order on vacation, you’ll always have this handy guide to know what is popular.

[via Quartz]

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