What It’s Really Like To Live With Boys

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I walked into college thinking I would join a sorority, have loads of sisters, find my best friends forever, and find the best girls on the campus to live with as a junior and senior. Well, I joined a sorority, I now have loads of wonderful sisters, and I have found great friends. There’s just one thing I got wrong about my college fantasy. I don’t live with sisters, I live with dudes. I live with eight boys who are the equivalent of giant man babies, and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Girls are usually surprised when I tell them about my housemates, and guys usually think it’s pretty awesome that I’m the only girl in the house. Either way, I now feel like I’m entitled to put “House Mom” on my résumé after I graduate. Long story short, we all met freshman year and have been the best of friends since then. I think of them as my brothers or as my weird, extended family. We have been together so long that it’s hard to picture the rest of my college experience without them, but I’m not going to lie–it sometimes gets a little weird.

  1. They give zero fucks. The toilet seat WILL be left up 110 percent of the time.
  2. Dishes? I believe all males were programmed at birth to stay away from them.
  3. What about the trash? You bet your ass that I never take it out.
  4. We have the best parties. They’re in frats, I’m in a sorority…use your imagination.
  5. I am labeled as the “Kitchen God,” even if I only make a grilled cheese.
  6. I have a lineup of bodyguards to call if I need them.
  7. I am the best wingwoman, hands down.
  8. I have learned how to negotiate easily.
  9. They give pretty great advice.
  10. I never have to worry about sharing my clothes.
  11. They have so many shirts I can steal.
  12. No one judges me for my indecency.
  13. I get to give unlimited advice about girls.
  14. My beer pong skills have improved tremendously.
  15. I don’t have to worry about someone taking too long in the bathroom since that person is me.

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Star_Spangled_Hammered likes to live life vicariously through herself and is a contributing writer to her own blog. She likes to live life on the edge with her eight male housemates, and two cats. Jess is a lover of all things inappropriate and takes things way too seriously. #Soberphobic #Ragenomics

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