What “Reading Day” Really Means For College Students

What Reading Day Really Means For College Students

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again — time for final exams. Yes, we know, the one-word response to that statement is simply “Fuck,” but thankfully, most universities provide a “reading day” for students to allow an extra day of studying. Reading day usually takes place on the Friday before exams. All classes are cancelled, but, on reading day, college students are absolutely not fuckin’ reading.

Honestly, though, do our professors really expect us to study on our day off right? Can’t swing that. No, reading day is ironically for something else. It is a day to be unproductive, a day to sit on your ass, and a day to avoid studying at all costs.

It’s pretty logical, when you think about it. College students, myself included, are about to embark on a journey in which they’ll be sucked into a black hole of notecards, cramming, and sleep deprivation, before leaving their friends for weeks during winter break. It’s just our natural instinct to take advantage of one last time to rally before hell week begins.

The night before reading day, most often Thursday, is when the party gets started. The much anticipated Reading Day Eve is a campus-wide holiday filled with binge drinking and party hopping. Even the local bars put on additional specials for the night. As a rambunctious college student, you know that you have the next day off of school, so you are ready to rage. Simultaneously, you are preparing yourself for a hangover consisting strictly of greasy food and Gatorade, but you know it will be worth it.

Then comes actual reading day. Ah, the sweet thought of sleeping in on a Friday really soothes the soul. Most college kids will wake up at approximately 1pm for a busy day filled with laziness, hangover-nursing, and a lack of productivity (as it should be). It is a time to ease your stress before you are mind-fucked by study guides and review sessions. I suggest spending the day in your bed, watching Netflix, and never changing out of your PJs. A delivery order of Jimmy John’s is a wise decision as well (Beach Club for me, xoxo thx). Whatever you do, take advantage of your day off and be sure not to study.

It is time to prepare yourself, because the semi-annual reading day is just about here. I will now excuse myself to go purchase a classy bottle of Burnett’s and begin drinking at an unreasonable hour. Oh, and shout out to the university administrators who provide this holiday and encourage college students to do what we do best: puke n’ rally.


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MicLovin (@MicLovinTSM) is a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move.

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