What We Really Think About His Penis Size

Penis size

Ladies, our secret is out. You know the one. When he asks you in his moment of vulnerability if he’s the biggest you’ve ever had. If he’s better than your ex. If you’re (ugh) “satisfied.” It was the one thing we had going for us. While we’re self conscious about our weight, our love handles, our cellulite, our cup size, our dress size, and even our fucking shoe size, guys basically have one major insecurity: their penis size.

Sure, sure, there are other things, but for the most part, that’s where their concerns lie. In their pants. With their pork swords. And honestly, I didn’t want to have to do this. I loved the power I had because finally the secret to mens’ insecurities were in the palm of my hand (literally).

But science, and Cosmo have spoken, and it’s time we fess up and tell the truth.

We don’t care. We just really. don’t. care.

In their study, Cosmo asked over a thousand women of our generation penis (and penis related) questions and it turns out, we’re all just having mediocre sex with average guys. Shocking. In the study 57 percent of women felt that their partner had an average sized schlong, and 33 percent think that their guy is “large.” Hear that boys! We lied think you’re big! And honestly? Most of you aren’t. Most of you are 5-6 inches of average, erect penis. And we’re totally cool with that.

Because really, a penis is just a penis. It’s flesh and nerves and the key to locking a guy down forever. So gents, unless you don’t keep the hedges trimmed, your balls clean, or you have an actual micropenis (good luck with that), you don’t really need to be concerned about the size of your tool. What you should be worried about, however, is how you’re using it. Only seven percent of women orgasm from penetration during sex and 59 percent said that they wish they had a better sex life. Get your shit together, guys. We (and our clitorises) are all counting on you.

So the next time your guy is feeling weird about his size, remind him: it’s not about the inches of his penis but the number of karats he puts on your finger. Oh, and good oral skills. Those help too.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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