What Your American Girl Doll Says About You

I was pretty much the ultimate 90s kid. I dreamed of being a Silver Snake on Legends of the Hidden Temple, had the best fanny pack ever, and I even skipped class to meet Summer Sanders (host of Figure It Out…duh!). As much as that era shaped my life and affected my becoming the person I am today, the most important aspect is my choice in American Girl doll. That’s right ladies, your favorite American Girl doll says A LOT about you. By connecting with the character of one of the dolls, certain personality traits are amplified in young, impressionable girls. After asking around my friends and sisters, I created a Greek version of what a girl probably ended up like based on her favorite American Girl (I only used the dolls that came out in the late 90s because if you were buying dolls after Kit…you have a problem).


If you had Felicity you’re either (God forbid) a ginger or a horse girl. Horses and animals were your thing. You spent your free time in class drawing horses, spent recess pretending you were a horse, and then rode horses after school. Nobody is just sorta kinda into horses, you’re obsessed with horses or you’re just not into them at all. You were hands down the former. Sure, Felicity was a badass! She lived in colonial Williamsburg, wore pretty dresses, and had a rebellious streak, but your favorite thing about her was the fact that she had a horse. Felicity girls most likely ended up in a mid to upper tier sorority and still have an undying love for horses and other animals, though your days as an accomplished equestrian are mostly behind you. Taking a cue from Felicity herself, you’re probably free-spirited, independent, and (let’s face it) a liiiiittle self-righteous. As Felicity girls often do, you had a very wild freshman year. You also had wild sophomore, junior, and senior years, but who’s keeping track? There’s a lot to love about college life, but what you love most about your world is the freedom that comes with living on your own…and horses.


Kirsten girls are almost always blonde or outdoorsy, and sometimes both. When I say outdoorsy, I mean it in the ‘I’d go hiking or kayaking for the day and wouldn’t hate it’ sense rather than the ‘I can survive 3 weeks in the woods with only a knife and a box of matches’ sense. You probably loved the Little House on the Prairie books so when it came time to pick which American Girl doll you wanted, the choice was simple. Kirsten had the best hairstyles, despite being a tough pioneer woman, and the best genes (I’ve never met a Swedish person who wasn’t extremely attractive). She also was super crafty and loved quilting and knitting because…what else is there to do in Minnesota? If you were drawn to Kirsten, you ended up in the sorority with a lot of ‘down to earth’ girls. You are pretty much every guy’s perfect woman because not only will you put up with a camping trip or two, you’re also a fabulous cook and can craft your ass off. You’re probably still a little worn out from all the crafting you did for other girls before initiation and big/little reveal, but it was worth it in the end to help your sisters out.


Samantha was definitely the Blair Waldorf of the American Girl crew. She is fabulously rich, has pretty hair, and undoubtedly has the best clothes of the girls. If Samantha was your girl of choice, you probably had a lot in common with her. Sure, you didn’t grow up in Victorian-era New York or get raised by your stuffy, rich grandma, but you shared more similarities than differences with Sam. Growing up, you were the Regina George of your group, a role that has extended to your college days. Samantha girls end up in a top tier sorority and constantly exude an air of confidence, class, and superiority. You can be bitchy, but some people just aren’t worth being nice to. Plus, you’re too pretty to talk to ugly and boring people. Now that you’re all grown up, your wardrobe and bow collection give ol’ Samantha a run for her money, which is saying something.


Molly girls are by far the most distinctive group of girls that came out of the American Girl craze. Molly was a little bit of an ugly duckling (ok, she epitomized the term ‘ugly duckling’), had quirky interests like tap dancing and aluminum foil crafting, and was a pretty big attention whore. If you chose Molly or had an adult feel that Molly was most ‘simpatico’ to your personality…you were pretty much exactly like Molly as a kid. Which is totally fine!! Not everyone can be born pretty. During your years as an ugly or mousey child, you developed quite the sense of humor, found weird activities you loved, and excelled in school because you really needed something going for you, and becoming a swan obviously wasn’t happening any time soon. After an awkward childhood and a pretty brutal middle school experience, you got contacts, fixed your hair, and grew into that nose of yours. Or bought a new one. Life might’ve been a little rough at first, but you ended up on the other side alive and are now considered a suitable mate by your male counterparts. You probably ended up being “the funny girl” of your sorority, and you jump at any chance to be a part of recruitment skit because 1) you’re hilarious and 2) that childish starvation for attention never really went away (though you’d never admit it). Being a Molly girl hasn’t always been the most fun, but you made it out with expertly crafted sarcasm and a pasta sculpting (or whatever other strange interest you developed) award or two. Worth it? I think so.


There is a very crucial difference between Kit girls and their dolls of choice: they aren’t poor. At least we can assume they aren’t if their parents are willing to drop quite a lot of cash on the books, Kit herself, and all of her accessories. Kit was super chic despite growing up during the Great Depression, just look at that sassy bob of hers! Since Kit was the newest doll available to us 90s kids, Kit girls are overwhelmingly trendy, fashionable girls who always get the newest must-have before anyone else. You were already so over Tomagotchi’s by the time everyone else got one, stopped carrying Coach purses in 6th grade, never had a Hollister/Abercrombie phase, and you’re probably reading this on your 3rd iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. Now that you’re a sorority girl, you’ve become somewhat of a style icon in your chapter. If a girl has a question about hair, make up, or how to properly tie a scarf, you’re their go-to gal. Some of your cutting edge styles may earn some “what the hell was I thinking??” moments later in life, but for now your closet is the envy of every girl and gay on campus.


You got Addy or Josephina either because you’re not 100% white and your parents wanted you to celebrate diversity by getting you a doll that defies the norms of an overwhelmingly white doll market or you are 100% white and your parents wanted you to celebrate diversity by getting you a doll that defies the norms of an overwhelmingly white doll market. Addy has arguably the most interesting story line of any of the American Girls and Josephina is the only one with earrings, but at the end of the day these aren’t exactly the most popular dolls of the girl population that would go on to be in a sorority. If you fell into this category, you probably ended up in a low to mid tier sorority and are much more globally minded than your peers.


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