What Your Favorite Sorority Movie Says About You

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Whether you’re in your sorority for the pearls or the girls, this is what your favorite sorority film says about you.

Legally Blonde

If your favorite movie is Legally Blonde you are the girliest of the sorority girls. You are most likely a legacy, or grew up dying to be a sorority girl. You love all things Lilly and pearls, but don’t let that fool people. You are also probably on exec committee, and are a leader in your house and on campus. Elle Woods not only inspired you with her fashion, but also inspired you with her passion, hard work, and never giving up.

House Bunny

If your favorite movie is House Bunny you are probably either the funny girl of your sorority, or the party girl (most likely both). You know how to be yourself and will always do things for a laugh. You’re the girl breaking the tension during recruitment week coming up with silly names to remember the girls, and you’re always the first one to pop the bottle of champagne. Girls always come to you to cheer them up either with a laugh or a makeover. As you like to say, “kindness is just love with it’s workboots on.”

Sydney White

If your favorite movie is Sydney White, you joined your sorority for the sisterhood. You don’t put up with fake sorority girls, and are only going to hang around genuine people. You might not care too much for the glitz and glamour of sorority life, but when it comes down to the most compassionate, you reign queen. You’re probably very involved with your sorority’s philanthropy, and it was one of the main reasons you joined. And sisters. You’ll do anything for your sisters.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

If your favorite movie is Neighbors 2, you are new to the sorority world and probably just joined a sorority for the parties. You dislike all the crafts and sundresses, and would rather just hang with the guys. But take pride, as the years go on you’ll fall in love with the sorority experience and find genuine friends for life.

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