What Your Favorite Spot Inside the Bar Says About You


College: it’s a four-year party with a $100,000 cover charge. I’m a firm believer in letting loose and finding yourself, primarily through getting sloshed. I don’t discriminate in my venue choice when given the chance to go drink and have a bomb-ass time, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the classic, tried-and-true, regular old bar. Yeah, frat parties are great for free beer and making out with guys, but going out to the bars is an experience all its own. After going a few times and getting the lay of the land, which includes figuring out which venue makes the best lemon drop shots and has the best DJ, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up spending most of your nights in the same place. You’ll waste Friday through Sunday in the bar where you feel the most comfortable, in the spot that best reflects your values as a (drunk) person.

The Bar Itself

You came to drink, period. You’re a no-nonsense go-getter who wastes zero time. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or flirting with the creep next to you to get your next round paid for, you keep your friends close and your booze closer.

The Dance Floor

Dancing is the reason you came out in the first place. You’re a work hard, but mostly play hard type of girl. You just want to relax and be free and forget about your responsibilities, if only for the length of “Work From Home.” It’s good cardio, and you’re showcasing just how fun you can be. You like to have it all, and you do on the dance floor.

Dancing On [Insert Elevated Surface Of Your Choice]

The daddy issues are strong with this one. You’re a screamer in bed, and if you can’t be the absolute life of the party, you don’t want to be at the party at all. Attention is your favorite thing in the world, and you’re probably blacked out while reading this.

Playing Pool Or Darts

You’re either “one of the guys” or the cool girl who everybody looooves, but secretly hates. You’re a beer drinker, and you don’t care about keeping up with current trends. You love a good competition and you welcome any challenge. You’re probably selfish in bed, as the good Lord intended.

The Patio

You loooove the outdoors, or at least enough to sip your cocktails on the back porch. You get all the benefits of a night out, but without the annoyances of the drunks of the loud music and seizure-inducing strobe lights. Odds are you’re smoking a cigarette or bumming one off the bearded slam you’ve been eying all night. You’re low-key awesome, end of story.

The Bathroom

You hate everyone, except maybe your mother. You don’t want to deal with anyone or anything. That, or you always go too hard at the beginning of the night and find yourself with your head in the toilet. You don’t know when to say no, whether to tequila or the invitation to go out in the first place.

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She's a fast food connoisseur with a weakness for making the worst decision whenever possible. Dancing on tables is her favorite workout, and she likes her martinis as cold and bitter as her heart.

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