What Your Go-To Dance Move Says About You

What Your Go-To Dance Move Says About You

Bump and Grind
This bitch came to get laid. She’s on the prowl for a playmate for the night. She’s grinding her ass against any guy’s junk, attractive or not, because she’s just that determined to get some D. It is also likely that she will be making out with all of her victims.

The twerking girl has seen one too many rap videos and gives in easily to her peers. This chick is down to get ratchet as long as that’s what her friends want to do. She doesn’t feel the need to get creative when dancing because twerking is, for some unknown reason, such a popular dance trend nowadays. She doesn’t want to be judged for doing anything unique, even though there is a 99% chance that she’s being judged for what she’s already doing. She thinks that twerking (or for most girls, attempted twerking) will impress her friends, but they don’t really think anything of it. In other words, you know her as the basic bitch of the group.

’80s Dance Moves
Any moves such as the running man, sprinkler, or moonwalk means that the girl is classic and has a goofy side. She is one of the quieter, but funnier, friends of the squad. You know her for her capability to always look like she stepped straight out of a J. Crew magazine, while also keeping her GPA higher than Bob Marley.

Hair Flipping
Everybody loves this girl until her hair gets in their face. She’s carefree and fun-loving. This chick is out to have a good time with her girls, and not on a mission to find a guy to bring home. If you can’t find her on the dance floor, start checking higher surfaces such as bars and tables.

Skipping While Flinging Arms Around
Zero. That’s how many fucks homegirl gives. She might look like a five-year-old princess on ecstasy, but she is having a damn good time in her own little world. Do not mess with this girl because she has the disco balls to bitch you out if you piss her or any of her friends off. Proceed with caution.

Dance Battle Queen
ATTENTION WHORE. If you see a girl in a dance battle, she is basically screaming for attention. She is an example of what would happen if a younger version of Donald Trump knocked up Kylie Jenner and was then nannied by a Zumba instructor.

Provided Dance Moves
If the only way you’ll get this girl to move is through songs that already lead the way, such as Wop, Nay-Nay, Cha-Cha Slide, etc., then you’ve declared the stubborn bitch of the group. She can have fun at times, as long as things are going her way. You also know her as the most common party pooper.

No Dancing
This girl is comfortable with who she is. She knows what she does and does not like. If she doesn’t like to dance, so be it. Some might consider her to be a dud, but she really couldn’t care less. She can have fun doing her own thing. Respect.

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