What Your Graduation Outfit Says About You


Graduation may still be a few months away, but let’s be honest, you’re already thinking about what to wear. I know all of this will go under your robe and that godawful mortar board (RIP blowout), but everyone knows the pics are all about what you’ve got going on underneath.

Anything You’ve Worn Relatively Recently
You’re going to go about your day in fear that some girl will come up to you, Lizzie McGuire style, and proclaim you to be an outfit repeater. You’ve considered changing at least seven times.

Maxi Dress
You’re either fearless and unafraid of tripping on all that fabric, or you picked it on a whim and are already deeply regretting it. Everyone will be able to tell which one you are by whether or not you’re already trying to tie the dress up shorter with a hair tie. You’ll also definitely start sweating before everyone else.

Business Formal
You didn’t come here to fuck around. You were involved in at least seventeen organizations, and you worked your ass off to graduate with honors. You want everyone to know this and to bow down to you. You take yourself and your studies incredibly seriously, and you’ve been told at least once that you’re “uptight.”

You had a blast in college. You’re confident and carefree, and you’re going to miss your time in college. You didn’t want to be fussing around with a complicated outfit, so you picked a simple but pretty dress so that you can focus on the important things like taking pictures with every single one of your friends and trying not to cry.

Heels That You Can’t Walk In
Literally every second you’ve spent at college has been wasted. You never really wear heels but you figured that everyone else would be, so you bought a cute pair but they’re not quite right, and now you look like a baby giraffe.

Pants of Any Kind
You either go to school in Siberia, or you’re a little bit masochistic. It’s hot and you’re definitely miserable.

10/10 You’re a geed.

Bodycon or other Tight Dress
You may or may not have worn that out the night before. You don’t mind being locked into your outfit, and you have no plans involving eating that day. You will also spend the majority of your day tugging at the bottom of your dress because you realize that everyone else is wearing an additional three inches of fabric.

You take life as it comes, casually. You wanted to look nicer than your friends in their norts, so some J. Crew or Lilly shorts were your top pick. You look polished, but still ready to go walk around the campus in a nostalgia-fueled haze later. Also, you definitely have a thigh gap, or else you’re completely unafraid of chafing.

Norts and a T-Shirt with Heels
You appreciate what is the mullet of outfits. On the outside, you look professional and polished in your robe and pumps. But on the inside, you’re ready to hit the bar with your friends immediately after the ceremony to get blackout and forget that you’re leaving college behind. You also hope that it’s not so hot that you’ll want to remove your robe for photos. You’ve definitely got Chacos in your purse. Or your dad is holding them.

Norts and a T-Shirt with Chacos/Nikes/Any Non-Formal Shoe
You stopped giving a fuck a semester ago. You’re just here so you don’t get fined. If you have to take pictures without your robe on, you’ll just roll with it and no one will be surprised because obviously you’re chill as hell. Your mom might be pissed at you all day for not dressing up, though.

I’m personally team sundress, but also maybe team naked since it’ll be hot AF when I graduate. Choose wisely!

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PlattyBlonde is a senior who divides her time responsibly between cheap alcohol, bad boys, and worrying about her hair.

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