What Your Tattoo Placement Says About You


For the most part, changing up your look is relatively easy. You’re having a super stressful week, so you schedule a cut and color. You just broke up with your boyfriend, so you lose ten pounds and start wearing colors other than black for a change. Other aspects of your appearance are a little more difficult to change — like your skin (unless you’re Michael Jackson, obvi). However, I said difficult, not impossible. Marking your body with indelible ink is a great way to do so, especially if the tanning package you’re currently halfway through just isn’t cutting it. Getting a tattoo is a big decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. The two main things to consider in this choice are what you’re going to get and where you’re going to get it. The placement of your tattoo says a lot about you. For example, an anchor on your bicep may inform people that you’re in the navy, while a butterfly on your lower back might scream “boner garage.” Here’s what your tattoo location probably means about you:


In general, these tend to be smaller and more easily coverable than most tattoos. You’re probably fairly straight-laced but might have a lowkey free-spirited streak. You probably know how to roll a decent joint and have some good guy friends along with your great gal pals. Ankle tattoos are fun because even when you’re like, forty and working in an office or being a stay-at-home mom, people will catch a glimpse of your ankle tat and know that you were a chiller in college. Often, these tattoos don’t have a lot of particular meaning, as many girls choose small, cute symbols like hearts, stars, crosses, and short phrases.

Rib Cage/Under Boob

You’re a little bit freaky. Girls with tattoos around this location have a wild side a mile wide. Ha ha, just kidding. You’re probably really sweet but also know how to have a good time. This area is also one of the most painful areas to get tattooed on your entire body, so either you really like the way it looks or it has significant meaning to you, making this pain completely worth it. Rib cage/under boob tattoos are nice because they are completely coverable, and only come out when you’re swimming or want them to. Plus, in like a billion years when you’re middle aged you can just switch to one-piece swimsuits if you don’t want everyone to see your “live free” tat. Win-win.


You will without a doubt regret this when you finally decide to start a family. You know, because your pregnant belly will make those tiny birds that you thought were adorable at seventeen double in size.


You are likely not planning on a career path that is super traditional. You might be dreaming of being a writer, working in fashion, or going into advertising. Whatever your job of choice ends up being, the vibe of your workplace will definitely be modern. While it is true that tattoos are becoming more accepted in the workplace, it would still be a little difficult to be taken seriously as a district attorney with a shell on her wrist bone.


You wanted a tattoo to be ~trendy~ but you were sort of a little bitch about it. It’s fine! You still get to say you have a tattoo, it looks super cute, and dad hasn’t even realized it’s there so your chances of getting cut off are pretty small. Well done.


The term ‘lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets’ is literally applicable to you. You likely use the f-word with alarming frequency and think it is hilarious to have something as permanent as a tattoo on your butt of all places. Because you don’t see it often, you probably forget that you have one at all, although your friends are quick to remind you. Hopefully, if this is your tattoo of choice, it is something funny or sassy and not a bible verse.


If you have a tattoo on your back, you’re kind of a bad ass. You just naturally exude a DGAF vibe, and your best pals love you for it. No matter what you choose to get as the tattoo itself, you can’t hide the fact that you will not be able to hide it basically any time you slip on a dress or tank. You probably also went through a scene phase in middle school (which you have since fully recovered from) and have great advice because you’ve been around the block and never take any shit from anyone.

Tramp Stamp

I question how you found this website in the first place.

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