When Good Friends Go Bad

It goes without saying that sorostitutes were popular in high school. Fucking duh. Maybe we weren’t all the blonde head cheerleader dating the quarterback, but we were involved, well-rounded, smart, pretty, and rich, and we sought out sorority life so we could continue being involved, well-rounded, smart, pretty, rich, and fawned over by fraternity men. During those four years of high school you loved your besties through thick and thin – you had braces at the same time, your parents dropped you off at the movies before you had your license, and you went with a pair of best friends to junior prom and got shitfaced off grain alcohol in the girls locker room beforehand. But what if you come home for winter break and not everyone in your circle went Greek? What if their idea of fun is still sneaking beers behind the concession stand of your high school’s football field before baking out the car Daddy bought them in an abandoned parking lot? You came home ready to drink wine, craft, and share scandalous mixer stories, but you come to the horrible realization that some of your hometown friends are GDIs, and subsequently, did not leave high school behind them. Not to mention they got fat. So what’s a girl to do?

1. Go along with it

I’m not saying you should partake in these horrendous activities. “Baking out” of vehicles might have made you feel cool freshman year of high school but it’s purely NS and frankly, disrespectful of your parents money. And after freshman year, it becomes seriously unacceptable to attend high school sporting events, especially inebriated. What are you, 13? By all means, you can still spend some of your time to hanging out with these people for old time’s sake if for no other reason. Go make an appearance at the game, field, parking lot, wherever, and suggest cutting out early to head to a bar where there might be cute older guys. Set up girls’ nights in for pampering yourselves (if you happen to give your friends a subtle makeover, so be it) or go out for cosmos Sex-and-the-City style. Slowly and subtely steer the locales of your hangouts to more appropriate places, aka NOT the basement of the creepy guy who was a senior in your freshman year biology class who dropped out of community college and smokes your friends out for free. I would advise this strategy because even though you’re ten times better than these people, you can’t completely cut ties since there will always be that night every once in a while over summer/winter break when you’re bored and desperate.

2. Take some “me” time

It’s totally fine to refuse hanging out with these people unless it’s on your terms. Which it might not be all the time. So humor them once in a while, and spend the other 3 weeks or so of winter break crafting your ass off, learning all your mama’s recipes, color-coding your closet, archiving your shoe collection by designer and year, getting manicures, taking bubble baths, catching up on your favorite shows, working out, shopping, trying on 8 different types of smoky eyes, whatever. You need to be well-rested and look perfect when you get back next semester for recruitment, so all this relaxation time is going to work wonders.

3. Find Comfort in the Familiar

Unless you decided to go to a school halfway across the country, you more than likely have sisters or college friends nearby. Go out with them and bond over your mutual hatred for GDIs and moderate to severe desire to live at school permanently. I’m happy to say that my little and closest sisters in my pledge class live within an hour or two of me, and its super easy to get together when we’re at home. And we always have waaaaaay more fun than with our respective home friends. It’s exactly like being at the bars at school but with different scenery and different guys buying us drinks all night. We also usually plan trips to our mountain or beach houses in order to remain away from home and all things GDI for extended periods of time.

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