Which Is Better: Drunk Sex Or High Sex? A Definitive Answer

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People have very different preferences when it comes to weed and booze. Some people like to light up, while other people like to throw back. I don’t like to make generalizations about people based on which they choose to ingest, because both substances are stigmatized by people who don’t understand them. People who drink aren’t always alcoholics, the same way that people who smoke aren’t all stoners. It’s unreasonable to point a finger at anyone who partakes in either, especially since we live in a world where you can be addicted to anything from eating cheeseburgers to staring at your phone.

One thing most everybody agrees on, however, is sex. It’s an innate biological urge that we all have to live with, even though it makes us do stupid shit.

A team of researchers led by a New York University public health researcher decided to put together an in-depth study that would give us some insight to the age-old question of which is more fun: drunk sex, or high sex. The team used craigslist to pinpoint 24 New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 35. They posed a number of questions relating to the differences between high and drunk sex, and I honestly can’t believe no one has tackled this topic before. These are the kind of hard-hitting psychological studies we need to see more of.

The winner was herbal remedies, by a landslide. People generally decided that alcohol increased their confidence, while marijuana increased their sensitivity. Which is to say that alcohol led to desensitization, while marijuana led to the exact opposite. Drunk sex is also commonly followed by regret, whereas high sex is usually followed by a deep philosophical conversation about the origins of cheese and a junk food binge that will really foster a deep connection between you and your slam.

Honestly, this whole thing is a no brainer—at least for women. Everyone wants to have sex when they’re drunk, but the sad fact is that alcohol inhibits oxytocin, the chemical produced by your brain to make your boyfriend look like David Beckham when he starts to touch you. So even though you have lower inhibitions and more confidence, a night’s worth of vodka cranberries isn’t really going to help you when it comes time to do the deed.

Here’s to a better romp, less regret, and the absence of a hangover.

[via Elite Daily]

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