Why We Love To Overindulge

Why We Love To Overindulge

Whoever said, “less is more” clearly had no idea what they were talking about. More is more. Sometimes more isn’t even enough. Women, especially, want the best and as much of it as possible. Usually, because we are good-looking and know how to manipulate people, we can get whatever we want, and to be honest, whatever we want is usually really expensive and comes in mass quantities.

Whether you indulge yourself on a regular basis or reserve the habit for times of need (like when you’re feeling particularly needy for no reason), it’s unavoidable. Eventually, you’ll be struck by serendipity and you’ll happen to pass by the Louis store when inspiration strikes. Even if you’re usually sensible in your spendeavors, you’ll exploit your father’s or boyfriend’s credit card and be totally cavalier in regard to what AmEx sends him at the end of the month.

Your vice of choice may be clothing, jewelry, spa treatments, or fine wine (or cheap, boxed wine, no one’s keeping track), but one thing is for damn sure: you are never to (openly) overindulge using food. That’s just being fat. Unless you’ve just gone through some super traumatic breakup, there is no reason to let anyone know you’ve been eating, certainly not over-eating. As we all know, if no one knows about the calories, they never existed. Your overindulgence should be therapeutic all the way through. Doing something you need to hide can cause a pesky little feeling called “guilt,” which isn’t valuable to you at all. You can (and will) display a lavish purchase for all to see. You won’t hesitate to Instagram your day at the spa and if you’re opening a bottle (or box) of wine, your girls are probably right by your side. Food is the mortal enemy, so while we all use it to overindulge pretty regularly, it doesn’t count. It’s not pampering.

Some people may say this attitude is “careless” and “selfish,” but they’re just trying to keep you down. Really, overindulgence is all about self-empowerment. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you’re more motivated to do wonderful things for other people, or at the very least, not be a bitch. It’s when you don’t take time for yourself that the bitchy version of you comes out to play, and that’s not fun for anyone. It’s exactly the same safety precaution you’d take on an airplane. You need to save yourself first before helping others with their oxygen masks. Whoever decided that was clearly a woman well-versed in the art of self-love and overindulgence.


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