Why Work Is The Best Place To Meet Guys

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After a summer filled with awful Tinder first dates (and not very many second dates) you’re ready to throw in the towel on finding your dream man. But before you resign yourself to spending the rest of your life watching Netflix and eating Hot Pockets, maybe it’s time to reassess your options. Your internship is probably full of marginally older, single men who don’t have mixers and classes where they can meet women. They also already have careers, a regular paycheck, and their own place (read: disposable income). Basically, these guys have everything an average fraternity not-boyfriend lacks. So, why not turn the hunky third-year from across the floor into this fall’s entertainment?

First of all, ask yourself the following:
1. Is he your superior?
2. Does he work in your department?
3. Is he married?

If you answered yes to any of those, perhaps you should find another hunky coworker. You don’t want to be “that girl” who slept with her boss–it doesn’t look good on letters of recommendation. If he’s in your department and things go wrong (What if he’s not…well endowed?) conferences will suddenly become unbearably awkward. The last one is self-explanatory.

But if he passes the qualifications, he may be the perfect alternative to swiping left and right (mostly left, let’s be honest). So how do you make him yours?

1. Make him work for it.
Being the easy intern is going to get you nowhere, so make sure he respects you. This isn’t like when you hide from your ex at a bar. Have you ever tried to hide behind a water cooler? It’s see-through.

2. Get coffee at the same time as him.
This isn’t social media stalking. This is actual, real-life stalking. You know that time you absolutely had to talk to one of your sisters for 20 minutes after Sociology 101 because you knew a boy had class in that lecture hall next? It’s like that, but the big leagues.

3. Bring him a bagel in the morning.
Boys love food. “I’m so silly–I bought two bagels. Why did I think I could eat them both?” is an excuse to stop by his desk. Bonus points if it’s a chocolate croissant.

4. Ask him to grab lunch with you.
Everyone needs to eat. Chipotle makes people happy. He will associate you with happy feelings.

5. Organize an office-wide happy hour.
Walk around your floor and ask the young employees and interns to go to happy hour with you. Then make sure you sit next to him. It’s like flirting with your beer pong partner, except with more expensive drinks. Just be careful not to invite anyone’s boss, because things get awkward when you drink with your manager.

6. Be aware of current events.
Yes, the World Cup counts. Make sure you have something to talk to him about other than work and your ability to craft after two bottles of wine.

7. Leave the drama at home.
Real adults don’t have crying meltdowns because their not-boyfriend talks to another girl at a bar (at least not always). She’s probably an old friend. Relax.

Well, what are you waiting for? Sam from marketing isn’t going to charm himself into dinner. Best of luck, ladies. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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