Wine Is Now Delivered to Your Doorstep via Amazon

My day/week/month has DEFINITELY been made. is now an official retailer of WINE.

That’s right, the website, that literally allows you to find almost ANYTHING, is now adding “wine seller” to it’s impressive resume. The website is offering “Amazon Wine” to customers in California, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. I have never, ever thought there was any benefit to living in Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, or Wyoming over any other state until now. The website is super user friendly, as it allows you to shop for your vino by narrowing it down by type (red, white, rose, sparkling or dessert), by grape variety, by taste notes, by specialty (Kosher, Vegan, etc), and even by alcohol by volume. The best part? Um, duh, one click ordering once you’ve selected the perfect wine.

I really love this idea because it allows you to try wines you probably would have never even thought about otherwise. I’m not a sommelier, but I do think I know wine pretty well. I’m decently confident in my ability to choose an appropriate bottle at dinner, and I always like to have a few bottles on hand in case guests show up, because I’m such a gracious host…or in case I’m thirsty, because I’m a highly functioning alcoholic. However, I don’t think I’m alone in feeling a little helpless in a large wine cellar. It is a little intimidating to be faced with thousands of labels, especially when you’ve only tried a small sampling of them. I think nothing sounds better than being able to sit in your pajamas and browse for wine. Also, Amazon keeps track of all of your past orders, so it’s easy to keep track of which ones you’ve had before, if branching out is your goal.

The only drawback to this, as far as I can see, is the wait time between the actual ordering and the delivery of the awesome grape juice. But, a 3-5 day wait seems a small price to pay for a case of liquid goodness to come to my door, because having a case of miscellaneous wine bottles delivered to me sounds like the best day ever.

Drink up bitches!


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