Wingman: Tinder At New (And Creepier) Heights

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Ever wanted to feel violated without leaving your airplane seat? And no, I’m not talking about the overweight human in 4A who should’ve also purchased 4B.

Tinder, the GPS-driven dating app, tells you who in your vicinity is as desperate and as horny as you are. Before now, these uncomfortable digital encounters were limited to land.

A new “dating” app called Wingman takes the idea of instant hook-ups to new heights–literally. It is currently in the testing stages, but essentially it connects you with other “travel buddies” on the same flight as you. Why? Because who doesn’t want to know exactly who would be down for a quickie in the dirty, embarrassingly public bathroom?

The obvious downside here is that you’re limited to people on your flight, and then reduced even further to those who don’t have a screaming toddler or aren’t invested in the in-flight Seinfeld reruns.

I’m not opposed to joining the mile high club. I’d prefer to do it en route to my honeymoon though, not with a creepy businessman in a pint-sized flight attendant nook.

Wingman should probably come with the person’s stats though. If I’m investing 15 minutes of my flight on a stranger, I want a little background info–for example, his net worth. Or his last STD check to date.

However, this could come in handy while flying to spring break. Might as well start the bad decisions off with a bang (LOL)!

Will this app be a success and connect lovers with great new romances, or will it be the source of an entirely new meaning of snakes on a plane?

[via Time]

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