WMU Greek Life Donates Water, Money, And Time To Those Affected By The Flint Water Crisis


For those of you who don’t keep up with national news unless it involves Amy Schumer or one of Kanye’s tweets, you should know that Flint, Michigan was declared to be in a state of emergency due to high levels of lead in their drinking water.

There’s a lot of questionable politics behind this whole mess and upset people because of it, but the main point is there are a lot of people without water in Flint. And the students of Western Michigan University’s Greek Life were not going to just stand by while people were in need. Three of their chapters–Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Xi Delta, and Sigma Chi–decided to step up and help bring aid to those affected by the water crisis.

Alpha Phi Alpha joined with WMU’s Campus Activities Board to host a movie night to raise money for Flint. On January 28, over 400 students showed up at the Miller Auditorium to see Straight Outta Compton, a film specifically picked to attract a diverse crowd.

So, you’re telling me that Greek Life at WMU not only decided to help resolve a national crisis but also promoted diversity on campus all in one event? If that doesn’t put the Greek Life haters to rest, I don’t know what will. Caleb Webb, president of the fraternity, also reported to Western Herald that his chapter “will be helping with the mobile distribution of water and assisting with relief efforts” in a service project with the Flint Chapter of the American Red Cross later on this month.

In addition, Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Chi also came together to raise money and bottled water donations. Tina Tocco, Alpha Xi Delta programs vice president, and Zander Sorenson, member of Sigma Chi, drove a pickup truck loaded with bottled water to make a much needed delivery to Flint Chapter of the American Red Cross. Tocco explained to Western Herald, “the volunteers greeted us with grateful open arms and smiles, and thanked our community for what we could contribute.”

But let’s not stop there. If you’re interested in helping out as well, you can start by reading up on articles and information complied by WMU’s library. You’ll find that it is speculated a total amount of 60 million dollars will be needed to reach a complete recovery. If you’re ready to get involved, you can visit Help for Flint to see which organizations are providing relief to residents and learn how to donate your money or volunteer your time.

It’s times like these when Greek Life can show the anti-frat assholes what we’re really all about.

[via Western Herald, MLive, and Help for Flint]

Image via Western Herald

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