Woman Cancels Her Marriage, Still Holds Wedding As Party For Underprivileged Kids

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I cannot wait for my wedding. The marriage part, I could take it or leave it, but I can’t wait for the big fat, Wolf Of Wall Street-esque, college/high school reunion, fucking banger that will be held in my honor. Just what every little girl dreams about.

Yiru Sun had the same thing planned out. She had rented out the Harold Pratt House in NYC to celebrate her magical day, but after a disagreement over the prenup (Total Charlotte Move), she and her fiancé called off the marriage. However, they never called off the wedding.

Sun rocked what would have been her wedding dress, and invited 60 underprivileged kids and their families for a fancy luncheon as a pre-Mother’s Day celebration. There was food, ice pops, face painting, and balloons, just like what every little kid dreams about.

Growing up a poor child in China, Sun could relate to these kids. She told them about how she moved to America, and ended up earning a scholarship for a graduate degree at Princeton. Yeah, like the Ivy.

Still, going to your wedding day without getting married has got to suck, but Sun said that, “although I cannot be the princess of my wedding day, all these kids they can have the princess or prince feeling today and I felt very happy about that.” Her ex-fiancé loved the idea. Not that we care what he thinks, but like, it’s nice that he still supports her.

Thanks to Yiru Sun, we can have our wedding cake without a husband, and eat it too.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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