Woman Confronts Men Who Catcall Her And Secretly Records Their Reactions

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Girls are no strangers to catcalls. Ever since we ditched our braces and required anything a step up from a training bra, we’ve learned to deal with guys verbalizing their perverted thoughts in public. I have mixed feelings on the subject. I’ll admit that when I’m dressed up to go pulverize my liver with a few friends, I don’t always mind a comment that makes me feel good about the pound of makeup I’ve slapped on to attempt some form of sexy. So I won’t freak out on the guy. However, when I’m stopping at Walgreens to pick up a Diet Coke and a Redbox after working all day, I have no problem flipping off a creep who has set up shop on a curb in order to shout obscenities at innocent girls. I get it, though. I’ve been known to drop a few inappropriate comments after throwing back one too many bombs.

We all have our own ways of dealing with the obnoxious catcalls. Personally, I’d never verbally respond. I think it’s better to slap them with silence, and I have no desire to extend time spent in the same vicinity with a dude whose idea of a pickup line is, “Ayo baby, sit on my face!” Maybe it’s a problem that we’ve become so accustomed to catcalls that most women don’t even consider it a form of harassment anymore. Maybe considering catcalls harassment is an overreaction in the first place. To each his her own, I suppose.

To 28-year-old Minneapolis resident Lindsey, catcalls are the ultimate form of harassment. She has spent the last several weeks confronting her catcallers, all the while secretly filming their reactions. Her confrontations are pretty extreme, but at the same time, these aren’t your average pickup lines. Most are obscene and objectifying, which you can tell really pisses her off.

“Bitch means that you sexy.” Eh, not really though. “You’re sexy!” means that you’re sexy, and even though it’s still probably not a good idea to say that to a stranger, it’s certainly better than whatever this guy tried. I’d like to think he just had a momentary lapse of stupidity, or perhaps that his manners are stored in that manila envelope and are thus temporarily inaccessible.

It’s safe to say that this guy thinks the whole situation is one big joke, and obviously he doesn’t take her seriously. I don’t even care about his pickup line, but accusing her of calling him out simply because he’s black is obnoxious. Make no mistake–white guys can be creep-ass mofos, too.

I admire that he risked his life in a crowded street to talk to a pretty lady, but his reasons for catcalling are obnoxious. Not to mention, accusing Lindsey of asking for attention is pretty irritating. According to her YouTube channel, this guy also told her that if she didn’t want the attention, she should wear a burka. That’sĀ almost as dumb as his question of, “What’s the purpose for a woman to be on this earth [if not] for a man?” LOL. Okay.

This guy is wearing a wedding ring. He’s. Wearing. A. Wedding. Ring.

Ah, Jared. Scholar. Smoker. Self-proclaimed “gentleman” and “pimp.” And the man who told Lindsey, in all seriousness, “Women are put on this earth to satisfy a man, so if she feels offended, she shouldn’t have [ever] been born.” Whatever you say, shitforbrains. I hope you have a daughter some day.

At the end of the day, each girl responds to catcalls differently. I’m pretty indifferent. Some genuinely like the attention. Some hate it. Some bask in the idea of total strangers wanting them. And some, like Lindsey, whip out their smartphones to exploit those who personally offend them. Whether or not you agree with her measures, you have to respect the girl for holding her own and standing up for what she believes in.

[via BuzzFeed]

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