Woman Has 80 Bridesmaids

The second you pledged your sorority, you mentally added your favorite sisters to your wedding party. This meant an increase in numbers, so once you start husband hunting (which is way more intense than formal hunting), you need a boy who’s just as pretty and popular as you are, so he can compete in the numbers game (fraternity boys have brothers, which makes it easy). So, you’re probably looking at a wedding party on the larger side, but you’re probably not looking to pack your entire sorority into the lineup, which is basically what Katie Dalby did. This British dance teacher weighed in with 80 bridesmaids on her big day.

I know we tell PNMs that we love all of our sisters equally, but a little white lie never hurt anyone, especially when it comes to recruitment. While you technically like all of your sisters, you probably didn’t put each and every one into your Pinterest planning. This woman did. I think she might be trying to emulate the wedding of Napster’s founder, during which he forced his guests to dress up like hobbits, in ensembles he picked out. I mean, everyone has their secret wedding dream, and sorority girls love a good costume party, but masquerading as a hairy-footed hobbit is, oddly enough, not one of mine. Mr. Napster threw down a cool 4.5 milli to make his wedding dreams a reality. Katie Dalby’s wedding is a less expensive version of that hot mess. Instead of providing the Middle Earth outfits, Katie’s ladies paid their own way.

Aside from the fact that this woman liked 80 people enough to make them her bridesmaids (okay, a lot of them were her dance students, which is pretty adorable), is it really fair to force your guests to wear matching hideous outfits? At my big’s wedding, the supposedly “harvest gold” dresses ended up being the creamy beige of Bailey’s. Not only did they wash everyone out, they blended into the curtains perfectly. If there were 80 of us, it would have been an incredibly elaborate game of hide and seek.

I have to wonder what Katie’s hubby did. Did he also have 80 pals? Did the bridesmaids walk each other down the aisle? Did the maid of honor have no one to go home with at the end of the night? And the question we’re all begging: why would you want to give 80 ladies the chance to show you up? Let’s be honest, one of them has to be hotter than the bride, and who wants someone pulling a Pippa on her big day? Well, Dalby is British, so maybe upstaging the bride is the norm across the pond.

Congrats to you, Katie Dalby, on doing what recruitment chairs across the country love — forcing 80 girls to dress exactly how you want on your special day.

[via Mirror]

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