Woman Obtains 16 Inch Waist By Wearing A Corset

Michele Kobke, 24-year-old German thinspiration, is closing in on Cathie Jung, the record-holder for the smallest waistline in the world. Measuring in with a waistline of just 16 inches, Kobke achieved her teensy frame by wearing a corset 24 hours a day for the past three years, a technique known as “tightlacing.” Women who choose this method of weight loss are said to wear corsets constantly, while they eat, sleep, and even while they swim. I know, it’s nuts — you can slim your waistline just by wearing a corset and no one told you about it until now.

Woman Obtains 16 Inch Waist By Wearing A Corset

Woman Obtains 16 Inch Waist By Wearing A Corset

That’s hot.

Still, it doesn’t seem like the best weight-loss option for me. It’s like she’s purposely giving up what I imagine is an amplified experience of the best feeling in the world: taking your bra off at the end of the day. A world without that beautiful moment of relief is a world I couldn’t live in. At this point, though, Kobke says that her corsets are such a big part of her life, that it would be strange not to be wearing one. I’ve had a hair tie on my wrist since 1999, so I get where she’s coming from.

Naturally, there are also some health risks involved when you mutilate your body with a garment that is generally only worn by girls with blue hair, black eyeliner, and a propensity to sneak out of gym class to smoke cigarettes in the back of their high school’s parking lot. Kobke has already been diagnosed with muscular atrophy, not to mention the falling out her lifestyle has caused between the girl and her concerned family. Doesn’t bother Michele, though. She’s way TSTC.

“My family’s reaction to my tightlacing regimen is quite negative. They say that I spoil my body. But I would say that smoking and drinking alcohol are actually much worse for you, so corsets may not be healthy, but also not really unhealthy.”

Right on, Michele. The Berliner is in desperate pursuit of an even slimmer waistline, her dream measurement being 15 inches, and I say, power to her. One inch really can make all the difference. Take that as you will.

[via NY Daily News]

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